Auto Lubricant

Automate Chain Lube Spray

Adhesive and penetrating lube for bike chains.Resisitant to high load and speed, and friction wear.Excellent water-washout resistance and compatible with rubber O rings.Life long lube.

Automate Adhesive Grease Spray

Automate Adhesive Grease Spray is a useful and handy service aid,which contains a modifie,high performance grease and PTFE in a spray can.The Grease sprays out like an oil but stick to the substrate like a grease without flowing off.The Product is very useful for lubricating inaccessible components and mechanisms without the need for dismantling.The grease is resistant to high temperature,outdoor weather condition and water washout.

Automate Tacky Lube Spray

Adhesive and penetrating lube for hinges and hard to reach components.Sprays like oil but sticks like grease.Resists high load,friction wear and water-washout.Long life lube.
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