Industrial Cleaners Spray

Aerol Paint & Gasket Remover Spray

  • Fast acting, active, cold cleaning preparation, viscous & non-flammable, Acid & alkali free, removes most paint & varnishes, safe for use on wood, plaster, metal & glass, aids removal of gaskets & sealants.
  • Good washable with water after use & low effect on the climate.
  • Used for removing persistent residues such as residues of sealants, paints and adhesives, gaskets, bitumen & tar splashes.
  • Also applicable to surface of metal, stainless steel, glass, wood & ceramics.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Metaklin (Metal Degreasing Spray)

  • Specialty cleaner cum degreaser for cold cleaning of metal surfaces
  • Solvent based fluid that dissolves in most waxes, lubricants, dirt, grime, carbon, silicones, tar, etc.
  • Suitable for degreasing and cleaning moulds, dies, components, machinery and inaccessible parts of equipment & assemblies
  • Grade 6000: Fast Evaporating (350 g)
  • Grade 6001: Penetarting & slow evaporating (300 g)
  • Grade 6002: Fast evaporating (300 g)
  • Grade 6003: Fast evaporating, Co2 Propellant (400 g)
  • Grade 6006: Slow evaporating, penetrating (350 g)
  • Grade 6010: Extremely fast evaporating (300 g)

Electronic Component Cleaner Spray

  • Used to flush away common contaminants like dust, dirt, waxes, flux and carbon

  • Suitable for cleaning, maintaining and servicing electrical contacts, fiber optics, electronic components and circuit boards

  • Safe for usage on plastic

  • Grade 8003: Plastic safe cleaner (300 g)

Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray

  • Solvent type spray used for cold cleaning

  • Extends the operational life of the substrate, reduces downtime and helps in maintenance

  • Cleans dust, dirt, carbon oxide deposits, flux, rust, grease, oil and other common contaminants

  • Restores resistance values and electrical properties

  • Suitable for electrical equipment and components like electric motors, contractors, relays, solenoids, carbon bushes, battery terminals, switchgears and similar electrical equipment, machinery and automobiles

Note: Compatibility with plastic substrates must be tested before use

Grade 8000: Fast evaporating cleaner (350 g)
Grade 8001: Fast evaporating, non-flammable (350 g)
Grade 8002: Penetrating cleaner & lubricant plastic spray (300 g)

Aerol Autoconer Cleaner Spray

  • Aerol Autoconer Cleaner Spray is an aerosol preparation designed for cleaning,lubricating and antistatic treatment of Autocorners
  • It is used to clean fluff,dust and other deposits and provide an anti-rust,anti-static treatment to splicers,knotters,spindle of spinning and weaving machines such as Autocorners and other modern textile machinery.
  • Grade 0502: Fast evaporating cleaner cum lubricant(300 g)

Aerol Spot Lifter Spray

  • Aerol Spot Lifter Spray is a cleaning preparation and that removes most oil,grease spots and stains from several kinds of fabrics and clothing such as cotton,wool,silk,denim etc.
  • Grade 830: Removes oil spots from garments & fabrics.(300g)

Electrical & Electronic Contact Cleaner Spray

·         Aerol® Electrical & Electronic Contact Cleaner Spray, Grade 8008 is a cold cleaning, solvent based cleaner spray, which cleans, helps to extend the operational life, reduces downtime and maintenance of electrical and electronic switchgear, equipment and components.

·         It cleans dust, dirt, carbon, oxide deposits, flux, rust, grease, oil, other common contaminants and restores resistance values, electrical properties and prevents wear, tear and burnout.

·         It cleans electrical & electronic contacts/ equipment with a high pressure discharge and has rapid and complete evaporation. It is pressurized with non-­flammable CO2 propellant.

It is for off-line use and is safe on most plastics, rubbers, metals, glass & ceramics.

Used in electrical and electronic switchgear, equipment & components, electrical and electronic contacts, high pressure discharged equipments.

Grade 8008:  High pressure discharge, rapid and complete evaporation. For off-line use. Safe on most plastics, rubbers, metals, glass & ceramics. It is pressurized with non-flammable CO2 propellant. (400 g)

Treadmill Lubricant Spray

· Aerol® Sports Treadmill Lubricant Spray prevents the wear and tear of treadmill belts and keep it in good condition.

· It is free from Chlorinated solvents that effect rubber and is highly adhesive to both belt and deck which ensures longer lubricant life.

· It keeps rubber belts soft and supple and dDoes not over lubricate that causes ‘slip’ in belt or does not creep or flow out of belt.


Used basically for treadmill belts.

Grade 0074: Highly adhesive, transparent, non-staining lubricants (250 g)

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