Industrial Lubricant Sprays

Aerol Adhesive Grease Spray

  • A useful and handy service aid

  • Modified high performance grease with non flowing properties

  • Sprays out like an oil but glues to the substrate like a grease

  • Lubricates inaccessible components and mechanisms without dismantling

  • Resistant to high temperature (160°C), out door weather condition and water washout

Aerol Moly Spray

  • Molysulphide compositions that are available in several grades

  • Sprays out as oil, paste, dry powder, or paint depending on the grade

  • Forms a film of solid lubricant on metal surfaces to provide high load resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, low volatility, minimal dust attraction, non drip, non melt coatings and seizure resistant

Chain Oil Spray

  • Based on synthetic fluids

  • Lubricates chains for providing resistance against high temperature, high load, moisture and corrosive environments

  • Used for extending the service life of the chains and save down time

  • Food grades also available for lubricating chains in food processing factories

  • Widely applicable on chains operating in ovens and furnaces such as glass plants, plywood industry and automobile paint shops

  • Used for lubrication of chains in cars and bikes

Aerol Silicone Spray

  • Pressurized solution of silicone fluids

  • Non-toxic, non-staining, non-carbonizing and high and low temperature resistant lubricant

  • Suitable for delicate machines, components, sensitive plastic, rubber articles and components

  • Can also be used as release agents in several applications

Aerol Anti-Seize Spray

Anti-Seize is a special purpose lubricant that prevents galling and seizure of threaded fasteners and connections exposed to high temperature or corrosive atmospheres.

Aerol Graphite Dry Lube Spray

Recommended as a general maintenance lubricant on gaskets, transfer belts and conveyor belts; as an assembly lube on motors, plant machinery and handling equipment; and as a general lubricant for high temperature, load resistant, anti-wear coating on machine components, slides, rollers, wheels, gears, chains and hoists. Also used as a release agent during the moulding process of diamond segments of cutting tools and several other casting and molding applications.
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