Protective Spray For Automotive

Galvasil Spray

Industrial grade cold Zinc Galvanizing spray for treatment of freshly welded parts – especially under body,
silencer, silencer clamps and silencer exhaust ends. Outstanding corrosion and high temperature resistance.
Withstands moisture and environmental attack.

Pack Size: 350g Aerosol Spray Can

Automate Brake & Part Cleaner Spray

Cleans brakes, bearings and other soiled components. Dissolves and flushes away dirt, grease and oily residue. Fast evaporating and non-corrosive to most metals. May affect certain plastics and painted surfaces.Reaches inaccessible areas easily and eliminates need to dismantle assembly.

Pack Size: 300g Aerosol Spray Can

Aerol Belt Dressing Spray

•Specially formulated using a tacky polymer

•Used on all kinds of belts of machinery and automobile


•Prevents belt slippage

•Optimizes the performance of the belt drive and extends its life

•Prevents premature wearing

•Promotes better grip and traction

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