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Aerol PU Release Agent

Afra® RTU Semi-permanent mould release, Grade 8801,


Afra® RTU Semi-permanent mould release, Grade 8801 is ready to use, polysiloxane preparation designed mould lubrication and release applications.


Key Features

· Free from chlorinated solvents, Class I & Class II Ozone Depleting substances.

· Wide serviceable temperature of sprayed film, from -40 to 250°C, enables use on hot and cold moulds.

· Non toxic, colorless and generally odorless.

· Plastic/ rubber safe solvent enhances compatibility with most plastic/ rubber substrates.

· Non-oxidizing and water-repellant in nature.

· Negligible transfer of silicone to moulded article. No cleaning of molded articles required.

· Excellent mould coverage due to good wetting and spreadability.

· Heat stable film that provides multiple releases without build up on moulds.



It is used primarily as a semi-permanent release agent in the moulding of all kinds of Plastics and Rubber particularly Polyurethane (Polyester type) and PU Shoe Soles. It is an excellent release agent for integral skin moulding of micro cellular automotive and furniture parts. It is found to be excellent for large moulds of automotive bumpers, dashboards, crash pads etc.It is also used for releasing Melamine, Phenolic, Polyester and Epoxy resins.

It also releases several types of rubber molded articles.

Technical Specifications


Methyl polysiloxane

Non-volatile content, % w/w



Fast evaporating hydrocarbon

Vapor Pressure, mm Hg (20°C)


Density, g/ml @ 25, ºC


Boiling Point, ºC


Refractive Index, at 20ºC


Flash Point, ºC


Vapor Density (vs air)


Precaution during storage and use

Contents are highly flammable. Containers should be kept away from sources of heat and ignition. Do use near flame or ignited materials Use in a well-ventilated area and avoid excessive inhalation, eye or skin contact. Keep away from children. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. The material is best used in eighteen months from date of manufacture. The product may perform normally even after extended storage beyond the ‘best before date’ may affect the contents or the packaging components.

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